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Poly Property Group Ltd, it’s agent/s, associate/s, partner/s and/or it’s employee/s make every effort to keep up to date the information stated in their website/s, brochure/s, digital and other promotional material, but they cannot guarantee that particular properties and businesses will still be available for sale when prospective purchasers inquire further or even travel to view. Vendors may increase or decrease the price of their listed properties or businesses and so no guarantee is given that those price/s displayed in Poly Property Group Ltd various website/s or brochure/s will remain accurate. In addition Poly Property Group Ltd will reserve the right to make changes to the information, and the price/s shown on the content of any of our website/s at any time without giving prior notice.

Poly Property Group Ltd, it’s agent/s, associate/s, partner/s and/or it’s employee/s does not accept any liability to purchaser/s resulting from any clients inability to view properties and businesses in which they may be interested, due to the fact that these properties or businesses may be either (1) no longer available for sale (2) due to the upward revision of the purchase price/s or (3) due to any other or all unforeseen circumstances.

Services related such as Financial, Mortgages, Insurances, FX, Currency Exchange, Legal and Tax advice, Removals and any other services from any other third party, are recommended in good faith only, note all such agreement/s and contract/s with any such third parties or for any such service/s are entirely a matter between that client/purchaser/user and the service provider. Poly Property Group Ltd cannot accept any further responsibility therein. Moreover these services cannot ever be construed as having placed any liability at all on behalf of Poly Property Group Ltd.

Currency exchange fluctuations could greatly affect the final price you pay in £ Sterling for any property, at the point of paying your funds over. We advise you to keep this in mind and always seek professional help when transferring any funds abroad. Please note too that many of these properties are often listed in their ‘local’ currency and so therefore any advertised sterling price is often only used, purely as a basic guideline.

Poly Property Group Ltd, it’s agent/s, associate/s, partner/s and/or it’s employee/s operate as an introducing agent/s to assist our client/s in the sourcing and purchasing of properties and businesses. As such Poly Property Group Ltd are not liable for any loss/es which any client/s may incur for any reason whatsoever, resulting from their interest in either the viewing or negotiation, attempted or actual purchase of any properties.

Measurements tenure and usage of any land, properties and room sizes given in either the Poly Property Group Ltd websites, and/or it’s agent/s, associate/s, partner/s, brochure/s (or) any other promotional materials are always subject to survey. So it remains the sole responsibility of each purchaser/s to satisfy themselves as to the correctness of such critical information. Building plots as described in the Poly Property Group Ltd web site/s, brochure/s and other promotional literature, it remains the responsibility of purchasers of plot/s of land to acquire and/or verify all necessary planning consents and licences. Proper title and tenure due diligence is also the express liability of every actual vendor, purchaser/s, lawyer/s and selling company. As such Poly Property Group Ltd always recommend that the services of a competent and professional property lawyer are always employed, before purchasing any given properties.

Viewing & travel and all related contracts for transport by rail, sea, air or on land, for accommodation, board and lodging, legal and estate agency services, or for any other associated services shall be deemed only to be contracts made between the person/s travelling and the actual service provider/s. Poly Property Group Ltd, it’s agent/s, associate/s, partner/s and/or employee/s will always endeavor to recommend only the most reliable and reputable provider/s of the transport, accommodation, legal, estate agency and any other service/s. However in as much we shall not ever be held responsible nor liable for any loss/es and/or other potential damage/s whatsoever which may result from all such recommendation.

Agency fees are usually payable to Poly Property Group Ltd, and/or our agent/s, associate/s, partner/s and/or employee/s.  Meaning we’re paid a % percentage of the builder/s, vendor/s, agent/s or developer/s profit or fees. Such fees are generally part of their allocated budget for all their marketing and sales initiatives. So therefore the buyer does not ever pay us any more for their property as a result of purchasing same through Poly Property Group Ltd. This means that as such, in effect the client/s usually receives a 100% free service/s from Poly Property Group Ltd, including the advice, support, property searches and ability to source a suitable property, in addition to only bringing the very best of properties available to our clients. However, in some very rare circumstances a sales admin fee is chargeable to the client/s by Poly Property Group Ltd when (1) there may be either very low or (2) no commissions available at all to us from the actual property vendor/s or owner/s. In this event the matter could be discussed, then mutually agreed with each individual client/s.

Poly Property Group Ltd, it’s agent/s, associate/s, partner/s and/or it’s employee/s shall not be held liable or responsible for the actions of any other person/s, companies or firm/s with which it may be associated or have any connections either now or in the future with. Investment or any other financial advice ever given by Poly Property Group Ltd and/or it’s agent/s, associate/s, partner/s and/or employee/s is purely intended for basic guidance only. Expert taxation, financial planning and mortgage advice is always required to confirm the client/s own information when they’re purchasing any type of property. You are always advised to get this type of information before making any such commitment to buy any property from Poly Property Group Ltd and/or any associated entities.

Insurance when travelling abroad, it is advisable to arrange suitable and comprehensive insurance cover. Poly Property Group Ltd or it’s agent/s, associate/s, partner/s and/or employee/s accept no liability whatsoever for any accident/s, loss/es, damage/s, compensation or personal injury resulting from any property viewing trip. Similarly, the correct insurance is always required on every property purchased. This is the responsibility of buyer/s and vendor/s and never Poly Property Group Ltd or its agent/s, associate/s, partner/s, and/or it’s employee/s or any associated entities.

Poly Property Group Ltd will make every effort together with its agent/s, associate/s, partner/s and/or it’s employee/s to always give accurate information to purchasers on certain ‘off plan’ properties. But as to actual building timescale and completion of such properties, it must be clearly understood that purchasers contracts are always made with the relevant construction company, and not with Poly Property Group Ltd and/or it’s agent/s, associate/s, partner/s and/or employee/s. Estimated building schedules are issued by the relevant construction company. So it should always be clearly understood that some delays or changes could occur. Therefore, Poly Property Group Ltd, it’s agent/s, associate/s, partner/s and/or employee/s will accept no responsibility whatsoever for any such delay/s, change/s or any other possible loss/es therefore sustained.

Poly Property Group Ltd are legal owners of this website/s and it’s digital content. All copy, logos, images, pictures and/or any other digital content on PolyPropertyGroup.Com and/or all other owned websites within our group are owned by Poly Property Group Ltd. These website/s and any digital material/s cannot ever be reproduced by other parties in any way whatsoever, unless with the written consent of Poly Property Group Ltd.

Disputes of any kind whatsoever regarding properties shall be resolved according to the law/s of the country of a property location, and strictly between the property vendor/s (seller/s) and the purchaser/s (buyer/s)

Poly Property Group | GDPR & Privacy Policy

Poly Property Group Ltd is a Company registered in London, UK whom together with it’s authorised agent/s are fully committed to the absolute protection of it’s customer/s and all user/s of any of our website/s. This following policy outlines exactly how we treat your personal information, so that you can always be assured that it will be handled with absolute confidentiality and in a professional manner. In this privacy policy all such references to “we”, “us” and “our” are to Poly Property Group Ltd and / or our authorised agent/s. Note that any references to ‘the website/s’ or ‘our website/s’ are with regard to PolyPropertyGroup.Com (and / or) the websites of our authorised agents. Any personal information we collect from these websites will only be used in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) which came into effect in the EU on 25th May 2018. This information will only be used to process your request, to organise viewing trips / appointments only with our own sales teams and property developers where applicable, to provide after sales service (sometimes we may pass on your details to another known organisation to supply / deliver products or services you have enquired about and / or to provide the appropriate after sales service). Note in connection with any such use, the personal data and information you provide may only be accessed by (or given to) both our own staff and some third parties who act on our behalf outside the UK, sometimes including those outside the European Economic Area. Note countries outside of the European Economic Area do not always have strong data protection laws, however we will always take steps to ensure that your personal information is only used by the parties to whom it is passed, in accordance with the data protection policy of Poly Property Group Ltd

From time to time, we may need to pass on some of the information that we’ve collected to other reputable and carefully selected companies for some related or administrative purposes. We may also use third parties to carry out certain activities, such as the processing and sorting of data, and the monitoring of how customers use the website/s and the issuing of our e-mails from Poly Property Group Ltd and it’s other entities. Any third parties will never be allowed to either access or use your personal information for their own purposes. By willingly supplying this data and information you consent to the collection, usage and proper transfer of your information in accordance with this policy. All such information we may collect via our website/s will include any personal details you have knowingly and willingly provided to us, either through our own website contact forms and / our email addresses, such as your name, your full address, your telephone number (etc) Your information preferences and use of email updates, recorded by any emails we send you (if you agreed to receive such regular email updates and newsletters on our products)

Your IP address, this is a string of specific numbers unique to all personal computers that is recorded by our web servers every time you request any web page or component/s on the website/s. This information is only used to monitor your usage of the website. Data may be recorded by our website/s which allows us to recognise you and your preferred settings, which then saves you from re-entering certain information on return visits to the site/s. Such data is recorded locally on your computer through the use of ‘cookies’. Most web browsers can be configured to reject, or warn you before downloading any cookies. Information regarding this subject may be found in your browsers ‘help’ facility. However, cookies will allow you to enjoy the full features on all of our website/s. This privacy policy only covers our website/s as indicated above and our authorised agents. Any other websites which may be linked to by our website, such as other related services (currency exchange, mortgages, financial, legal services, removal experts and so on), are subject to their own policies which may differ from ours. We therefore suggest you read the privacy statement of all such website/s to learn how they will treat your personal information.

Any information contained within or attached to our email newsletters is only intended for the use and consumption of the individual or entity to which it is being addressed. So if you are not the actual intended email recipient, or the person responsible for delivering it on to that intended recipient, you are not authorised to and so must not ever disclose, copy, distribute, disseminate or retain this message or even any part of it. As it may contain information which is confidential and/or covered by legal, professional or some other privilege (or other rules or laws with similar effect in jurisdictions outside the UK & ROI. So no liability is accepted by Poly Property Group Ltd for any losses incurred or caused by any viruses contracted during any transit either over the internet, or present in any receiving system. Any views expressed in this email/s are not necessarily ever the views of either Poly Property Group Ltd, and the actual company itself. It’s directors, officers or employees will make no representation (nor accept any liability) for its / their inaccuracy or conformity with law unless expressly stated to the contrary of this. You have a legal right to request a copy of any information that we currently hold on file about you. To do so, please email Hello@PolyPropertyGroup.Com or the relevant authorised agent as appropriate, using the subject line heading of ‘Privacy Policy’

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